Tuesday, 27 January 2009

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There’s a NEW PRIZE every DAY The position needed to win changes every day - So, one day it might be 10th place, the next it could be 367th so everyone has a chance not just the brainboxes! There are 27 quizzes to choose from * General Knowledge * Football * Music * Food & Drink * Cricket * Television * Motorsports * Politics & Economy * Professions * Pubgames & Gambling * Media & People * Abbreviations * Advertising * Around Britain * Business & Finance *

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Great UK Survey

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Great UK Survey

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Top quizzes include:
Free Johnny Depp Quiz

Free The Hills Quiz
Play Free Hollyoaks Quiz
Play Free English Comedy Quiz
Play Free Friends Quiz
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More Quizzes include:

* Heroes Heroes
* Top Gear Top Gear
* Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Come Dancing
* Saturday Night TV Saturday Night TV
* Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
* Soaps Soaps
* Doctor Who Doctor Who
* Celebrity Chefs Celebrity Chefs
* Formula 1 Formula 1
* EastEnders EastEnders
* Sports Sports
* Music Music
* Britney Spears Britney Spears
* Star Trek Star Trek
* Football Football
* Film Film
* Lost Lost

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Sounds simple doesn't it - play quizzes and win cash - it's easy at Trivialia

Four types of quiz

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Plus you can upload your own questions to make your own quizzes.


Untimely Demises of Poets & Rockstars
tragic early deaths of poetic successes


Shania Twain Quiz
Questions about country singer Shania Twain


Lord of the Rings
Do you know about Lord of the Rings?


Think you know your dogs?
Think you know about dog breeds? Heres where we put you to the test!!


Rhyming Slang!!
You may not be a cockney... but how is your rhyming slang??


Who are the Authors?
Lets see if you're a book boffin!


Literary First Lines
Identify the first lines from poems & novels


Pub Quiz
A quiz about pubs


Etymology Quiz
A test on word origins & English borrowings.


Do U Know?
General knowledge


Kiwi Quiz
All things New Zealand


Winter Sports


So you think you know about Christmas Quiz
All you need to know about Christmas!


Amy Winehouse Quiz
you know that I'm no good


So you think you know about Victoria Beckham Quiz
All about Victoria Beckham


real names
can you identify the real names of these celebs?


Laurel and Hardy Quiz
A quiz about the greatest double act of them all!


The Shakespeare Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Bard


So you think you know football Quiz
For the die hard football fan


The Human Body
How well do you know your body?

Question of the Day Answer ONE trivia question every day and be in with a chance to win £20 in our daily draw. Does not require full registration.